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What I learned from him
7:15 PM

You're not close enough to me if you don't know how much I'm in love with Luhan
I was so happy a few days ago, when I found out that he decided to make a comeback in The Lost Planet Beijing. I had hoped for a healthy and vibrant looking man to perform enthusiastically on the stage; but all hopes crashed down this morning. When I saw a preview of him practicing one of their performances.

He looked so exhausted.

He still looked like he could collapse in any moment.

I was so upset at first, I just wanted him to get healthy. To come back when he's well and strong enough, not when he thinks he's good enough. If I was rich enough, or close enough, I would have rushed just to make sure he's okay. If I had to, I would have even begged for him to stop, to rest more. For the sake of his health. For the sake of the people that love him. For the sake of himself.

But the I realised, he's doing this because he wanted to. Because he loves his job more than anything. He loves his fans more than anything. And since the concert is in Beijing, he must have wanted to give the best performance, especially for his family and friends. His fans, his family and friends must have given him enough strength to perform, or at least, he managed to gather the remaining strength inside him to do his best. Because this is what he was born for.

I realised that I don't know him as much as I wished, but this just made me love him even more.

Just because of this, he thought me a lot of things. To be selfless. To care more about the people around you. To stay strong enough to achieve your dreams. To fight back no matter how tired you are. To do the things that you love with as much passion as you could. 

No matter how much I'm still torn over this situation, I won't cry. He's still there, doing what he loves. There's always a reason behind everything. And he'll become the reason for me to become stronger. I'll do my best in what I could, do my best in school to achieve my dreams. When the time comes, I'll try to fight for his love. There's nothing impossible in this life, if we try hard enough. I will, try the hardest.

To those people who think I'm being ridiculous or delusional, or putting my hopes too high, you're wrong. I know what I want, and I know what I can get if I have enough faith. I don't believe in never or impossibilities. So don't put me down. If you think I'm not good enough, leave. I don't need irrational people like you in my life.