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High School Graduation Day
7:04 PM
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( 。ㅎωㅎ。)~ ・゜゜・゜゜・. 。・゜・ I have finally graduated from high school (sadly, I still have to go to school for about one and a quarter month) It was held yesterday at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. It was a great experience, and a quite overwhelming one too. I didn't socialise as much as I had hoped to, but it was still a non-forgettable morning indeed.

The feeling of wearing the graduation robe was not so comforting though, I had a hard time dealing with the robe. Especially handling the red-thing-on-top-which-I-don't-know-what-to-call-as, it slipped of my shoulders almost all the time. Menguji kesabaran sungguh! Thank goodness my best friend, Ain was there to help me put it back. Every single time. I couldn't have passed the day looking this decent without her help, so I thank you a lot, girl ❣

It was pretty boring at the first though, I couldn't stop myself from yawning almost every five minutes. Excuse me if I sound (or looked) rude, but I get bored easily, deal with it, please. Even the VIP arrived a bit late, which made me yawn just a teeny bit more than I expected.

I was one of the early students to receive the scroll (sadly, I didn't get the special award though). Which was not a very good thing, because the moment I stepped down from the stage, I got lost. I must have looked extremely confused standing in front of the hall, to the extend that some of the boys at a near table started laughing at me. Some of them even tried to help me by telling where I should go, but in the end, a teacher had came to rescue me from the confusion.

Turns out, I only needed to walk back to my table like any normal person would have done. So embarrassing! I'm just glad the boys didn't laugh too loud, but I still wished the ground would just open widely and swallow me whole. (///◔(ェ)◔///) 

Oh and thanks a lot to Dhevanessh (my class' vice president) for willingly exchange the free bears. I originally got a brown bear, wearing a graduation robe and hat, but everyone knows I can't live without pink, so I asked him for it because he got this pink one. My sister and mom were still upset I changed it because they said the other one must have looked cuter  ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ  Sorry guys, pink will always be number one.

Everyone looked extremely gorgeous and handsome on this day (minus myself, because I simply looked plain as always). It'll be hard to choose who's the best dressed because every single student was dressed in their best attires. Syazmeer did say I looked stunning (I still think he said it out of courtesy, since I said he looked great) but I still won't believe it. Being plain just suit me.

I didn't take a lot of pictures though, compared to my other friends and classmates, but I seriously treasure the ones that did take pictures with me. I care about them more than the others, and I really hope we can stay friends even after high school is over.

The December Triplets  ♡
I'm still excited whenever I talk about the three of us. We were born in the same day and year, and it was a luck that we're even placed in the same classes since last year! Farah and Alin are basically the prettiest girls I've even encountered with, and both of them are blessed with kindness and smart brains too. I wish I had known them longer and be much closer with them, it would have been a wonderful thing. But I'm happy with our relationship as it is, and I really hope to be able to know them more. I really hope to celebrate our birthday together each year, if that's possible.

Class of 1997
Year 2014
All the best for our SPM
Let's all do our best and chase for our dreams!

My journey in high school will end in a few more weeks, probably just around a single month. I'll be sitting in the biggest-exam-for-a-high-school-student-like-us in about two weeks. I'm scared and nervous, all of us are. I will do my best in it, and gain the best result as I could. I look forward to bring smiles from my family, my parents especially, and I am so looking forward to fight for my dreams.

To all my friends that will be taking SPM this year too, all the best for you people!

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