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A Childish Dinosaur's Birthday + #2YearsWithEXO
Tuesday, April 8, 2014, permalink, leave me some love?
Gosh why are you so embarrassing OTL. 
Hola ♡ I am so in the mood of singing and making weird dances because of this one particular blonde hot and manly dork and childish man. He already managed to ruin a few parts of my life and at the same time, made me laugh uncontrollably like a maniac. His name is, Kim Jonghyun. And today, he turns 24.

To the most idiot man dearest Kim Jonghyun, happy birthday! I'm pretty much hoping that you'll be reading this message because I just want you to know that no matter how many times I called you a jerk, dork, idiot or any of the similar names, you're still one of the people that I loved the most. Ever since I had gotten myself stuck into this SHINee World hole, I am always captivated by your wonderful voice.

Yes, your wonderful voice. That one quality is the very thing that I love the most about you. Your beautiful voice never managed to fail me and so does your childishness and dorkiness but I'll go through that later. During sad days or when I got depressed, your voice, your song managed to light up everything again, and I find myself smiling again. You practically just take my breath away, the moment you start to sing ♡

Because blonde Jonghyun is always the most handsome of all ♡

Don't let me start on how much I adore you in blonde. Yes, you do look good in darker hair, especially black (of course!), but somehow you looked extra adorable when you're being blonde. Even though most of the times during performances, your hair looked like it was sprayed with a tad too much of hairspray, I'd still want to run my hair through it, because whoa. Who wouldn't want to?

At some point, whatever you did will make me laugh like a mad person, but the next thing I know, you already made me go 'aww' on you because you were being too adorable. Then there's also the time when you looked to good that I almost drool. Literally. I'm not sure how you managed to do all of that all in the same time, but to me, that means you're an amazing man.

You're a wonderful person, a beautiful guy and an amazing man.  There's just wonder in everything that you do. Have faith in whatever you love, and I'll always be supporting and loving you, as long as I still can. I love you, Kim Jonghyun. Have a lovely happy birthday ♡♡♡ #종현아생일축하해 

Hello, everyone. This is your EXO’s Kai.
Today is a very special day for us. Can you believe EXO’s 2nd anniversary is already upon us?
Once again, Kai feels as though time has passed by all too quickly.
From the start, our Inkigayo debut with MAMA on April 8, 2012, up until last year’s Growl, the time spent together with everyone sure went by fast.
I feel there are a lot of things to be proud of.
Though there may have been hardships, we all experienced the same joy from earning these awards together.
When all of us are together, we know true happiness.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming.
If this truly is a dream, I don’t want to disturb the fleeting moment.
Instead of continuing the dream later on a different day, I’d rather for this dream to continue and last longer.
These two years you’ve spent with Kai have been precious.
Walk down this road with me.
Even if we get lost, as long as everyone is having fun, we’ll walk forward together.
P.S. Meeting you all during our schedule in China, the roar of the fans was incredible. Don’t hurt your voices too much from screaming. Yap
trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website

I love you guys so much, you mean the world to me. I'll always love, support, adore, cherish and cheer you guys ♡  Let's keep counting the years, shall we, gentlemen?

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